Answer one of the frequently asked questions about XCOM: Chimera Squad.

When passing XCOM: Chimera Squad, you may have noticed how often your opponents call for reinforcements. In certain situations, it happens according to the plot, in others, reinforcements can be called by specific opponents (for example, commandos, which many gamers somehow ignore, assuming that they are not a threat). So it is quite fair to ask: can I call such reinforcements?

Unfortunately, it’s not so clear. One operation can involve four agents and nothing more. However, in the future you will unlock one android, and then can buy the second. Both are sent on a mission together with four agents, but everyone can enter the battle only if one of your agents lost consciousness. In this case, before the next battle, if you do not fail the current one, the game will ask you which android to use to replace the failed actor (if you have two of them, of course). If you have two agents out, you can replace them with two androids. Do not forget to pump the androids, doing research in the assembly complex and buying new equipment (processors and so on).

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