Red Dead Online: Naturalist is the study of different kinds of wildlife. However, to do it is not as easy as it seems. You will need access to specialized tools to calm the different animals before you can study them.

In this tutorial we have detailed everything you need to know about calming animals in Red Dead Online: Naturalist.

Red Dead Online: Naturalist – How to sedate animals

To unlock the role of Naturalist, you need to buy it for 25 gold bars. When you’re done, go to Strobury and go to a hotel near the sheriff’s office. Inside you’ll find two key characters – Harriet Daveport and Gus MacMillan.

Both of these NPCs are interested in wildlife, but for different reasons. While Harriet is inclined to collect animal samples to study them, Gus is more interested in spilling their blood to make clothes.

What you decide to do eventually is your choice, but to raise your naturalistic rank and make money you must stick with Gariett. Talk to Harriet to get a collection of Animal Guide that will help you track all animals.

You can also buy a map showing the location of all the legendary animals from her. Once you find an animal, you need to calm it down. Here’s how you can do that:

How do you sedate animals?
There are several ways to study an animal. You can either sedate your animal to take a sample or just take a photo – you don’t have to do both. It’s not that hard to sedate an animal.

The first thing you need to do is buy a Varmint rifle and some soothing ammunition. Depending on the size of an animal, it can faint in a couple of shots or a dozen.

For example, a rabbit can faint in 1-2 shots, but the Legendary Boar can take about 20-25.

After you have hit the animal several times, you need to watch it and wait for it to faint. After that, just walk up to the animal and press the button to take a sample. With the sample in your hand, you can go back to Harriet to sell it.

Finally, note that small animals such as birds can die instantly when shot, so keep that in mind.

On the other hand, bigger animals will try to fight, and several kinds of boars can kill you.

Here’s how you can reassure different animals in Red Dead Online: Naturalist.

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