Catching Midas fish is very hard. For many, the Midas fish is the last obstacle to catch in this collection. Today I will tell you about how to catch this crazy fish.

Can we catch a Midas fish?
No, you can’t catch Midas yet.

Despite what some players say the opposite, including on YouTube, showing footage of the artificially added Midas. As found by players on Twitter, Midas seems to have been added to the game, but is not yet included. That means there are files, but the players can’t find the fish.

How to catch a Midas loser in Fortnite
How to Catch Midas Fish at Fortnite
In order to catch Midas, you will need to go to the place of fishing and use the fishing rod.
According to HYPEX, this is all it takes to find a Midas. Of course, you will need to be extremely successful in catching the rarest fish in the game. Now that the fish seems to have been added to Fortnite, it’s only a matter of time before the developer Epic Games will allow players to find and catch it. For some it will mean fish #40 and the collected collection!

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