Crusader Kings 3 has a Council consisting of your assistants and advisers. Advisors are needed when making different decisions.

However, you may not always be satisfied with your appointed board members. Then, you can change board members.

Changing Council Members in Crusader Kings 3
You can facilitate your public affairs by assigning your board members various important tasks in their field. That is why the council members you have chosen are in an important position for your country.

If you want to change board members, follow these steps:

1: Click the “Council” tab on the right side panel.

2: Click on the change sign on the side of the board member.

3: Click on the “assign” button next to the person.

You will be able to appoint new board members and remove those you no longer like. When selecting characters for council members, consider their potential and abilities.

It is best if you appoint board members with characteristics that you want to focus on your country. For example, if you are going to become a diplomatically strong country, appointing board members with high diplomatic skills will make you strong in that area.

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