If you want to achieve your goal in Valorant, setting up the sight is not the least important. In this guide we will explain which settings are responsible for this. So how do you change your scope in Valorant?

How do you change your scope in the Valorant?

If you want to climb the rating ladder, there is one aspect of Valorant that you will want to change right away – namely your crosshairs. It forms such a critical inexorability of the FPS genre that adapting it to your gameplay style can play a critical role. The fact is not that the standard version is not so big, but it can be quickly corrected!

According to our experience in CSGO, Overwatch and others, having a sight, taking into account personal preferences, strongly gives confidence in shootings and in the process of learning the game in muscle memory – up to moving the mouse on the surface of the table / mat. Also, having an eye-comfortable crosshair means that you don’t have to worry (and therefore distract) about it, because you won’t have the feeling like, “Man, I’m not sure if I like it”. Instead, you’ll spend all your energy to be the best in the match, without any distractions like the ones under discussion.

So, once you have access to the closed beta, download the game and go through the tutorial chain. Now, when you are on the menu screen, take a look at the top right corner of the screen, where you will see a large white “Play Now” icon. Point your mouse over it and three tabs will appear below. Select “Settings”.

You will then see five tabs at the top of the screen. Choose “Crosshairs” in the center, and you will open a beautiful settings screen filled with many options for customizing your scope.

Pay attention to the image above the settings sliders. It shows the current configuration of the crosshairs and will change dynamically depending on changing parameters. So, when you make changes, you can refer to this image.

This is all you need to know about how to change your scope in Valorant.

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