How to Complete Jonsau Shrinein Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Jonsau Shrine is one of the many Shrines that you can find in the game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Completing it will not only grant you access to some valuable treasures but also enhance your skills as a player. Here’s how you can complete Jonsau Shrine with ease:

Step 1: Getting there
Jonsau Shrine is located in the Zora’s Domain region. To reach it, you need to head north from Lanayru Tower until you come across Ne’ez Yohma Shrine. From there, continue traveling along the path until you hit Jonsau Shrine.

Step 2: Solving the Puzzle
Upon entering Jonsau Shrine, you’ll be required to solve a puzzle before reaching its core and obtaining its reward –a Spirit Orb. The puzzle consists of many moving platforms which require a bit of maneuvering.

To solve this puzzle:
– Follow whichever platform is currently moving and jump onto it when it comes near.
– Sometimes things may appear too high or too far away for Link to jump onto them but don’t worry – those yellow platforms reverse directions so keep track of them.
– You would also come across round metallic balls which sometimes block your path or sometimes help blow open blocked paths.

Navigating these hurdles and reaching Jonsau shrine‘s core should get much easier after going through several trial-and-error attempts.

Step 3: Get Your Reward
Like all shrines in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, upon its completion players are rewarded with a highly coveted Spirit Orb as well as being able to advance further into other parts of game.

With this guide completed successfully, other oftentimes more difficult shrines within Zelda:Tears Of The Kingdom might not seem nearly as challenging anymore!

Step 4: Use Spirit Orb
Once you obtain the Spirit orb, it is now time to use it. Link can trade in his gathered spirit orbs for heart containers or stamina vessels. If you choose a heart container, Link’s maximum HP will increase by one point while Stamina Vessels add another segment of wheel-shaped meter that governs how long he can sprint/swim/climb/hang glide through Hyrule before he runs out of breath and stamina.

Step 5: Explore Hyrule
Now that more shrines become unlocked upon obtaining the knowledge and expertise earned from completing Jonsau shrine – players are encouraged to explore other parts within Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom as well as uncover hidden areas with all sorts of surprises which range from valuable resources to unique weapons necessary for taking on upcoming tough enemies.

Remember also, because specific elements are stronger against certain enemies (fire against ice-type creatures), this approach gives more depth when exploring both overworld and dungeon gates; recognizing which elements dominate over opposing ones allows one’s play style to evolve further!

In conclusion – if players take their time honing their skills gained throughout discovery trail in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom’s interconnected world system where an emphasis lies heavily on exploration mixed together with intriguing puzzle design at every turn – they will surely reap great rewards along the way!

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