How to Complete Tasks In Among Us on Skeld Map

Among Us is the latest party game that hit the world by storm. This game quickly gained popularity and became an overnight sensation due to its exciting deception-based gameplay. 

Basically, it is a game that can be played with up to 10 players divided into Crewmates and Impostors. In order to win, the crewmates need to find the two or one impostors depending on the lobby, and vote them out of the game. If you are an imposter, your job is to kill most of the players until there are more imposters than crewmates.

However, there is another way to win the game. Crewmates must complete tasks around the map in order to win, while the imposters are trying to sabotage the Crewmates and kill them without revealing their identity. 

In today’s article, we will go over all the tasks that need to be completed to win as a crewmate.

Admin Room Tasks

  • Swipe Card

There is only one task in the admin room called Swipe Card, and it is pretty simple. In order to finish this task, you need to drag your key card from your wallet at the bottom of the screen and swipe it gently in the machine. If you are going to fast or too slow, the process will fail.

Cafeteria Tasks

There are two tasks in this section of the map.

  • Download and Upload

This is another simple task where you need to click on the download button and wait until the process finishes, and then go to the admin room to upload the data you gathered.

  • Empty Garbage

In this task, there are a lot of leaves inside the trash. You should drag the lever beside the trash chute and hold for a few seconds. If you release too early, the task will fail, and you have to do it again. 

Communications Tasks

  • Download and Upload Data

This is the same task from the cafeteria but found in the communications room. The task requires pushing a button to download the files, and then you must go to the admin room to transfer them.

  • Divert Power to Communications

This task requires access to the terminal in the electrical room, and you have to divert power to communications by simply sliding its indicator all the way up. After finishing in the electrical room, you need to go-to communications and accept the diverted power supply by clicking on the fuse in the middle of the board.

Electrical Tasks

  • Download and Upload Data

This is just like the other two in communications and cafeteria.

  • Fix Wiring

For this task, you need to match the wires left to the right side with corresponding colors. This task can be in another room, but the procedure is the same.

  • Calibrate Distributor 

This task requires you to wait until the indicator of the spinning gauges on the right line up perfectly with the connectors on the other side and light up. At that exact moment, you must press the buttons on the right panel to lock them in place. If you fail one, you need to start the process from the start.

Engines Tasks

  • Align Engine Output

You need to drag the engine diagram on the left until the middle aligns with the graph. Once you line it up perfectly, you can release the gauge. You need to finish this task on both engines.

  • Divert Power to Upper and Lower Engine

These are two separate tasks where you need to divert power to the upper and lower engine by sliding its indicator all the way up. After that, you need to go to the engine room or lower engine room to accept the diverted power.

MedBay Tasks

  • Inspect Sample

This is a very straightforward task where you need to press the button to start the process and wait 60 seconds for it to finish. After that, your job is to examine the panel once again and click on the button corresponding to the sample that’s in a different color from the others. 

Final Words

All of these tasks feel even more exciting when you are running for your life, and you don’t know when someone is going to come from the back and kill you. 

The situation gets even more complexed and chaotic when you and your friends start accusing each other. Just like in any disorganized basketball team goes down on the NBA odds of, you will also struggle if your team lacks organization and every player is looking out for itself only.

If you still haven’t played the game, you should definitely try it out. It’s available for iOS and Android!

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