How to Complete The Beast and the Princessin Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Beast and the Princess is a quest that players need to complete in the popular game Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This quest is an important part of the game’s storyline and completing it successfully can be a challenging task for players. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to complete The Beast and The Princess in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Step 1: Start the Quest
To start this quest, visit Mido at Castle Town Market during daytime hours, where you’ll find him near Hyrule Castle’s east gate. Speak with him to initiate The Beast and The Princess’ sidequest.

Step 2: Find Nayru
Once you’ve accepted Mido’s request, your next objective will be finding Nayru. She is hiding in Kakariko Village only during nighttime hours, so make sure you visit after sunset if necessary. You can find her by asking around or exploring different locations.

Step 3: Retrieve Items from Forest Temple
Upon talking with Nayru, she will give you three items to bring back from Forest Temple – A shadow amulet, prince Salim’s hairpin which was stolen by princess Sakaya(you would need stealth mode)and king Sartor’s Crimson Robe(found under water fall after skull room).

Step 4: Enter Forest Temple
Once all items are gathered head towards forest temple located at centre point on map but hidden behind tall trees .

Step 5: Complete Forest Temple Puzzle Rooms
In order to obtain each item required for this mission temple puzzle rooms are being deployed

Shadow Amulet room:
This basic puzzle requires positioning of statues with their respective shadows

Prince Salim’s Hairpin Room:
Be patient here because ease dropping is what you’ll do first before obtaining key .
And once on high grounds avoid mud-drenched pathway.
Push heavy door then freeze time – jump up (no double jump until forth chapter)
Grab key and you’ll find multiple water spouts controlling which could remove or add platforms .
Stay on one side of platforms( the side closer to enterance) , defeat every skeleton and use boomerang for hairpin.

King Sartor’s Crimson Robe Room:
Enter temple through right entrance, fall down once facing left , move forward fighting off bats till u see fire pit with torches .
Move it to unlighted pit on leftmost end. Climb onto stone pillar that will raise when lit up by pit place crossed wooden bridge laid out above waterfall entrance .
Dive under waterfall for ‘Scale’ and crimson robe .

Step 6: Exit Forest Temple
Once you have retrieved all of these items, leave the forest temple.

Step 7: Return Items to Nayru
Now return these items back to Nayru located at Kakariko village. In return she provides a key .

Step 8: Enter Outset Island Temple
After obtaining key given by nayru, head towards outset island eastern shore.
Enter through cave infront of broken steps .
Once inside there is a rocky ledge missing one of its three reliefs (don’t worry solutions hidden below ),three puzzles rooms need be completed here:

Relief One room:
look around stairs rotate the camera till alcove atop grave can be seen now jump from platform behind Push crate onto that raised alcove — then drop through hole in floor.
Put crates accordingly into foot holes located adjoining door hinges in order to proceed forward .

Relief Two room;
Create shadow versions run within chamber avoiding enemies who are not present while moving shadow statues on chasms
In statue formation keep their shadows inside doted lines

Relief Three room :
Room puzzle prerequisite is raining weather condition ,
Purchase arrows before moving forward .
Jump across floating islands or shoot arrow depending upon option chosen once bridging first two only

Step 9: Defeat Boss
After clearing the three rooms, the boss fight will begin- Lanayru Gohma. Remember to keep evading until you identify weak spots – spring loaded eye at rear when he prepares to strike and slashing his belly by sidestepping when he rolls . Once defeated pick up Heart Container and exit temple.

Step 10: Rescue Princess Sakaya
Now that you have defeated Lanayru Gohma, head towards Mount Hylia (place previously denied for access).
Enter ice cave beyond broken bridge on mountaintop ;
Careful cutting through dinofols
Keep following the stone path till the cut scene begins.
Defeat King Deville de Tony’s dreadful guards then grab him and chuck off ledge.
Pick-up princess Sima carrying her full weight heading outside building.
Congratulations! You’ve completed The Beast and The Princess quest in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom.

In conclusion, completing this quest can be a challenging task but with our step-by-step guide above is sure to help players navigate through it successfully.

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