“Spy Party” is the Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord random quest. It can be randomly obtained from a nobles, it is not tied to a specific location or character.

The essence of the quest: to find a spy who is plotting against a particular ruler. The only thing we know about the villain is that he will take part in the tournament.

How to complete the Spy Party Quest in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Going to the tournament would be a mistake. There’s no spy or information about him. Instead, we go into town and talk to the residents until we get three hints. They’re being extradited at home. It’s best to start with a tavern, but if we’re unlucky, we’ll have to wander the streets and talk to everyone we meet. Most conversations will be simple rumors. But as soon as we get a clue, the quest information will be updated.

When we have collected all the clues, we go into town and press the left Alt button. Three zones will light up, where three gangs have settled. The spy is in one of them, the clues will help us identify him. Be careful: the hints are very vague!

How to complete the Spy Party Quest in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

So, we’ve identified the spy. Now we need to talk to him and win the duel. If this is a real spy, the quest will be completed. If it’s not, we’ll be charged with murder, and the mission will fail.

Many players complain that the clues are useless – it’s impossible to identify the spy. One common problem: a clue says the spy isn’t bald. Only one of the suspects has hair. But he’s not the one we’ve been looking for. To avoid an unfortunate misunderstanding, it’s best to ignore this quest at the early access stage.

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