How to Complete The White Birds Guidancein Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Completing The White Birds Guidance in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom can be a challenging task, but with the right strategy and approach it can be done successfully. In this article, we will guide you through the steps and provide helpful tips for completing this task.

Step 1: Finding The White Birds

The first step to completing this quest is to find all four of The White Birds scattered throughout the game. You’ll need to use your map and explore different areas where they might be hiding. Once you find them, you’ll need to take a picture of each one using your camera or smartphone.

Step 2: Showing The Pictures To Kass

After finding all of The White Birds’ locations, head back to Rito Village and show your pictures to Kass who is playing his accordion on top of a tower. This will trigger him to play his flute, exposing hidden notes on each bird that will dictate their randomly assigned order needed during the next part of the quest.

Step 3: Playing Your Instrument

With Kass’ newly revealed notes in hand, it’s now time for you to revisit each bird in its order around Hyrule Kingdom while using your Ancient Sheikah Slate Map device as guidance (to stay directed) in-between each destination.

When reaching any “active” destination point do not forget bring up your instrument and play along with musical clues that birds release. As well as cracking codes hidden by puzzles surrounding these points before encountering any Mystical Monoliths at soaring elevations – which also require specific songs from which friends are there just obliged notify with further instructions on what’s next

Step 4: Reaching Altitude Peeks By Gliding

As part of this quest, players must glide towards higher altitudes than ever before – so get comfortable! Mastering how to glide skillfully for an extended distance without getting too close down onto rocks or coming across falling obstacles (such as ascending currents of air) are obligatory skills.

Step 5: Surviving the Shrine of Mastery

The final location to which White Birds lead is The Shrine of Mastery, and correct melodic chants must be played on your instrument in accordance with stained-glass pattern shown by inscriptions inside. Once completed – door will open and treasure reward (of a Grow Fins ability) will be granted

In conclusion, completing The White Birds Guidance quest requires strategic thinking, use of instrumental knowledge, familiarization with flying by gliding and map-reading proficiency. Take time to explore each bird’s location in detail, so you can make accurate decisions further along the journey for this part of Zelda Tears The Kingdom.

Remember to pay attention while visiting Rito Village so you know exactly what melodies must be played for ultimate success within all aspects associated with this challenge; patience paired with skillful fine-tuning works wonders here!

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