Cooking at Genshin Impact plays an important role, so you need to master it. In this tutorial we will describe its basics, including the process of learning the skills, the various buffas and boots, as well as give you some useful recipes.

Cooking will not be available immediately, so stock up on patience. When you are near the city, in front of the bridge you will see a girl standing by the fire. This is the first chef you can meet at Genshin Impact. If you interact with her, she will give you a small quest for cooking main courses, as well as tell you about the ingredients.

How to cook in Genshin Impact
How to cook at Genshin Impact
How to start cooking with Genshin Impact
The cooking system has two main menus: Cooking and Processing. The culinary aspect of the menu allows you to use ingredients to cook certain recipes. Each of the recipes studied can give a character a completely different effect: some can restore health, others can improve the basic characteristics of the character or even bring back to life dead allies.

How to pump cooking skills in Genshin Impact
Each time you cook a dish according to a recipe, you improve the skills of the specific recipe. When you reach the maximum skill level for a particular recipe, you will be able to make it automatically. In addition, this system makes it easier to make large portions of the food.

How to combine ingredients in Genshin Impact
The second section “Processing” allows you to combine and combine the ingredients, while receiving other products. Combination of different products can take a long time, for some items you will need to spend about 20 minutes in real time.

How to cook at Genshin Impact
How to cook at Genshin Impact
How to find new recipes in Genshin Impact
You can unlock new recipes almost always in one of the existing restaurants, as well as after several side quests. Restaurants offer several basic recipes from the merchant. To study a recipe you have received or purchased, open the inventory and read it.

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