Having your own land is a special feature at Bannerlords. This guide explains how to create a kingdom in Bannerlord Mount & Blade 2, as there are several major storyline quests that you must complete before establishing your own kingdom becomes one of the options, and dangerous.

It is quite possible that there are alternative ways to create your own kingdom. The vast world of Mount & Blades still hides many secrets and functions, but for this particular leadership we will focus on the most obvious and fastest way to create your own kingdom.

How to form a kingdom in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

It’s a long process. First, you must find the 10 Noblemen as part of the main plot quest. Once you find the Nobles, you will be given several tasks to find the location of each piece of the Dragon Banner. This includes some basic quests where you find enemy citadels, kill bandits and the like along the way. After you have all 3 pieces of Dragon Banner, you have to make a decision. Regardless of whether you choose to side with Istiana or Arzagos, the path to creating your own kingdom is the same.

Once the Dragon Banner is created, you will receive another quest that requires 100 soldiers, a Level 3 clan and your own settlement. The goals are almost identical regardless of the side you choose.

Once you complete this last part of the quest, your kingdom will be officially founded. This opens up a huge part of the game where you can work on diplomacy with other factions, increasing your influence in the world and getting rich! 🙂

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