One of the first obstacles you will encounter in Resident Evil 3 remake is the doors that are closed on a chain. Check out this manual to learn how to cut the chains in Resident Evil 3. It is very important to learn how to cut the chains to get a shotgun that will be extremely offensive to miss.

How to cut chains in Resident Evil 3

How to cut chains in Resident Evil 3 Remake

To cut the chains in Resident Evil 3, you’ll have to get a bolt cutter. If you remake Resident Evil 2, you already know their purpose.

How to cut chains in Resident Evil 3 Remake

You can find a bolt cutter in a repair shop in town. First Jill (the protagonist) has to get a fire hose to put out the alley fire. When you put out the fire, you’ll find bolt cutters in the next room.

After that it makes sense to go back to the part of the city from which you came and open the doors where there is a lot of extra lute. Make sure that you go back to the railway station to get shotguns from the wall, you will need them too. Other rooms have medical supplies, ammunition, and some important remake items such as grenades and fashion for weapons.

If you don’t kill all the zombies in the streets and buildings, be careful. In a seemingly safe building, a fat zombie can suddenly come to life and grab Jill.

If you cut the chains in the repair room, run back and cut three more chains in the first part of the city, then you can get rid of bolt cutters, they will not be useful anymore.

This way, in addition to getting additional Resident Evil 3 toys, you can also clean up the space in your inventory by simply figuring out all the necessary chains. Either way, you’ll need extra space in your inventory to carry your shotgun cartridges with you.

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