With the help of war, you can expand the borders of your country, have more natural resources and increase taxes in the game.

In this way, your country will be powerful and you will be able to rule the world.

Declaring war in Crusader Kings 3
Two things are needed for war with other countries. These are Casus Belli and the soldiers. A strong army gives the advantage to win wars and rule the world. After you become the owner of a strong army, you must have a reason to declare war to the countries. The general name of these reasons for war is “Casus Belli”, such as De Jure Titles or Holy Wars in Crusader Kings 3. On the other hand, you can declare war without Casus Belli, but it will negatively affect you.

If you have a strong army and Casus Belli against the country you are declaring war against, you can easily fight with other countries to strengthen your country.

After defining the country in which you declare war, follow these steps:

Select on the map the country you want to declare war.
Right-click on the Ruler.
Click the “Declare war” button.
Select the type of conquest and Casus Belli.
Click on “Declare war”.
Declare war in Crusader Kings 3 is very simple. When declaring war, you need to consider several points. If, when declaring war, you have defined a certain Casus Belli, you can not take more land than you specified Casus Belli.

In addition, when declaring war, you must be careful with the strength of your army. If you do not have enough soldiers, you can lose the battle for which you claimed. So you can recruit mercenaries in your army. This will make your army more powerful.

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