If you want Achilles to stop invading your game and stick his sword into your ribs, you will need to complete the quest “Real Heel”. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide you will learn how to defeat Achilles.

You will be able to access the quest at any time after Achilles invades your game. After finding it will not be difficult, because it is marked on the map.

Where to find it and how to defeat Achilles.

You will need to pass a brief but very interesting Tartaros Sanctuary to fight with it. The fight consists of two separate parts and looks like a race on time. You will need to pull the lever to get a stone ball. Then it will be pushed out by ventilation holes. You will need to jump over some obstacles to intercept the ball, do not let it fall and direct it into a hollow in the ground. It will take some trial and error to pull this off with each ball, but it is not that difficult.

Battle with boss Achilles
When you get to the big gate before the battle with Achilles, do not forget to heal first. Then use the lever to open the gate and go inside. Achilles is fast, it is really a defining aspect of this boss. Yes, he hits hard, but the speed of his attacks is what really distinguishes him.

His main attack consists of three parts and you should remember that Achilles will spin his foot to follow your evasions. You either need to count on evasion very well, or rely on parry. None of the attacks in this combo are red charges, so you can parry them all.

It has two different attacks during which it will make a small jump in the air. One is a red charge so you have to duck. When he does it, he will strike with his sword. The other attack makes the sword fly out of the sword, and although it can be parried, you’d better dodge it every time you see it jump so it won’t catch you. Since both attacks start the same way and have very similar animation, it’s hard to tell what he’s doing until the last second.

Achilles also has one last combination that you really need to know about. He will rush forward and launch a stabbing attack, causing a magic rocket to appear, and then launch two short strikes, causing two more magic rockets to rush into you. They have very strong tracking, so it is difficult to dodge them, and you may have to counter them to be safe.

Finally, Achilles can be very confused by doing a three-part combo that can start or end with a red charge. You will need to pay close attention to his sword which will signal movement as his body is always bright red.

For your own attacks against Achilleas. Strong attacks on your axe may not cause much damage, but they stun quickly. Jerking Athena is a great ability for this battle, as it allows you to quickly reduce the distance, and then inflict good damage and stun him. The Anger of Ares is also a good option. He will not control Achilles in the crowd, as he will reduce the mobs, but will add 408 stuns, which is a lot.

The skill of Axe Smash is also a good option. You can use it when Achilles does his little dance movement, bragging, and it will add another 210 stuns. Just make sure that you dodge quickly, because Achilles usually follows this little dance with a loaded movement that you can’t compete with.

The interesting thing about this battle is that Achilles will give you an amazing amount of room if you duck back a few times, which will give you enough time to heal. In fact, it is quite fun, because it seems that he likes to stall.

This means that you can take your time to study his combo, heal when you need it, and then defeat him. That’s all we wanted to tell you about how to defeat Achilles in Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

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