How to Defeat Mucktorokin Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Defeating bosses in any game always requires skill, patience, and strategy. Mucktorokin is the final boss in the game Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and defeating it can be quite challenging. However, with a proper plan and quick reflexes, you can emerge victorious.

Before fighting Mucktorokin, ensure that you have completed all other quests to get better weapons, armor and upgrades as this will improve your chances of defeating him. Also take into account that Mucktorokin is vulnerable to fire damage so having fire arrows or anything with similar capability will come in handy.

When the battle begins it’s important to keep moving while also attacking strategically. Watch out for its shockwave attacks which it unleashes by slamming its tentacles onto the ground as these can deal massive damage if you’re caught unaware.

Use your sword or bow attacks wisely by shooting at his mouth or eye when he is stationary. After taking some significant damage he usually retreats into his shell which presents an opportunity for a critical attack using bombs – just make sure you hit his weak spot located under his tail while also staying ever-mobile to avoid taking too much damage.

In addition to dodging attacks and executing counter-moves effectively timing plays a large part in beating Mucktorokhin; some players found that locking on kept them from aiming at particular parts of Mucktorokhin’s shell so switch between lock-on targeting mode strategically to have more range over your own movement abilities during battle.

It’s worth noting that though Zelda tears of Kingdom has set battles but all battles are unique depending on personal skill level alongside choice of weaponry used during each fight; trial-and-error compliments learning when combating tougher enemies like King Morock (level 4) who unlocked Motto; entering levels prepared combats help sharpen fighting skills necessary for boss fights against enemies like Dark Clounut (C’Ronat’s confidant) leading up-to the Mucktorokin.

In conclusion, taking on Mucktorokin can be tricky but by remembering these tips – keep moving, prioritize timing and attack when there’s an opening – alongside choosing weapons with fire capabilities or getting other upgrades will ensure that you emerge victorious in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom’s toughest battle yet.

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