If you want to put a unique wallpaper, but do not know what it is, then pay attention to DesktopMMD. If you want to know how this program works, make sure you read this article.

How to download new models for DesktopMMD – how to import a VMD file

So, so that you do not have any problems with the installation and mastering of the program, we have compiled a short step-by-step instruction for you:
1) Download and install Unity;
2) Download a template project called “DMMD_Model_Convert_UnityProject”;
3) Run Unity and open the project;
4) Add any MMD model you need to the project;
5) Select the PMX file from the model and check the three boxes in the bottom right corner, then click “Accept” button;
6)Wait until Unity creates FBX file (blue square) and open it, then AnimationClip with the same name will appear. Select this file and press Ctrl+D to create a copy;
7) After that open “Editor Window” and press AssetBundle Browser, then go to settings and drag “dance+lip(TDA)” clip to this page;
8) Then go to BuildSettings and click on Build;
9)Find the file that Unity created, run DesktopMMD, open Manage Dance menu and create a new dance. Then select AnimationClip file and copy the contents of readme.txt document from the VMD model folder.
Done, you can enjoy the work done and its results.

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