How to earn and spend Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ability points

Most games now feature character leveling and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is no exception. Respawn Entertainment’s new creation features an extensive skills tree full of different features. Cal Kestis has to spend skill points to acquire abilities. How to get them and where to exp the main character is described in detail in the material below.

In the Fallen Order, there is a standard scale of experience, which is filled in as the different actions are performed. When the bar reaches the end, the protagonist receives one skill point. The easiest way to gain experience is to defeat your enemies. The stronger the opponent is, the more the scale will be filled in. For interaction with different interactive subjects, the main character also gets experience. Pay attention to things with a blue glow. Cal Kestis’s partner droid BD-1, who sometimes jumps off a protagonist’s shoulder, will help to find them. All you have to do is follow it and perform the actions shown on the screen.

If a player fails to complete the experience scale to the maximum and dies, the accumulated points will be lost. When the main character kills the enemy, you can return to him, win and restore the lost progress. And if Cal falls into the abyss or otherwise dies, the experience disappears forever. After accumulating a few skill points, you need to find the nearest Meditation Circle. These points are described in detail in another Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide.

Skills in the game are divided into three branches – Strength, Sword of Light and Survival. This allows you to create your own fighting style. Initially, the number of abilities available for download is limited. As they pass, their number increases as Cal learns to control the Force and gets different gadgets. To acquire skills in the pumping tree, one skill point is most often required. However, the most valuable improvements take three points at a time, so sometimes it makes sense to accumulate experience

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