If you want to look the most stylish at Fortnite, you will need a lot of experience points to get all the best suits, emotions, gliders and other similar elements that are designed for combat pass holders.

In “Chapter 2” there have been some changes in the way you get experience points, and it seems that you now need to play even more to be able to unlock all items from your combat pass. Getting the maximum level is no longer something that can easily be achieved by an ordinary player – you will have to work out a certain strategy.

However, there is some good news. You do not need to be a real pro to earn tons of XP. You don’t even have to win every match. If you are able to survive for a long time or work in a team, you will always have many ways to earn experience points.

Basics: Perform tests, missions, and medals

There are 3 main activities that can help you earn a huge amount of “exp” when playing alone or as a team. Some of these bonus tasks can be performed simply by playing different games and all of them will bring you a lot of experience points.

How to Earn Experience Points and Get a Level in Fortnite: Chapter 2

Tests are special activities that are added daily. You can reset one test per day if you get a lousy job like reaching high ranks in Solo mode. So make sure you enter the game at least once a day, check your tests and choose the top three that you can complete in the shortest time possible.

However, you can earn the most XP with missions. We’re talking about weekly sessions that everyone can take part in, which means you don’t have to have a combat pass. Tasks include a series of tests, each with 52,000 experience points, which means that you can earn about 520,000 XPs per week.

Medals are small tasks, the execution of which brings a small amount of experience. Medals are given for almost any action, including opening chests, so it is quite easy to earn them.

How to earn more experience per match

Performing tests in missions is a good way to earn experience points, but you cannot use them to do pharmacy work. You won’t be able to repeat them after completing a week’s tasks. So you should pharm XP during a match.

How to Earn Experience Points and Get a Level in Fortnite: Chapter 2

On average you can earn about 3000 experience points per game. Below we will give tips on how you can increase this amount:

Earn medals, practice cards and boots to get a huge x3.75 XP bonus. Add it all up and even a mediocre match can bring you 33,000 experience points.
Rounds with a large number of kills are effortless if you’re doing pharming alone. Try not to die just to earn survival points, but also get the materials with your pick and create a lot of meaningless buildings away from the battle. This way, you’ll gain a lot more experience, but for much such gameplay can seem boring.
To kill your opponents quickly and easily, join the Team Rumble mode. In this mode,you will be able to get more killers and assistants, and you will have enough time for construction, which in the end can help your team.
In Team Rumble, try to invite your friends to get a boost for XP. Just add anyone you’ve played with before, and keep fighting with them for your survival.

Having a combat pass will give you even more ways to earn experience points, so if you want to quickly upgrade your level and get better equipment, you’ll probably have to part with a certain amount of money.

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