Avoidance in Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of the key changes in gameplay compared to its predecessor. In this guide we’ll tell you how to evade or how to make an evasion in Resident Evil 3: Remake, which will help you get rid of zombies and Nemesis.

Resident Evil 3: Remake promises to be more nervous than its predecessors. The game is a little more focused on action while keeping the spirit of the series alive. Now the knife can’t be used as a weapon for self-defense, but don’t panic, now we have evasions for that.

This innovation is very different from Resident Evil 2: Remake and is not intuitive from the beginning, but will be crucial during this adventure. Make yourself use it and master this skill from the very beginning of the game right in the heart of Rakkun City.

Dodges in Resident Evil 3 Remake
This new gameplay element replaces the self-defense knife from Resident Evil 2: Remake. Just as efficient, it can be used at will – but be careful not to abuse it. Simply pressing the R1 in combination with the joystick will allow Jill or Carlos to take a big step in the right direction. However, this action will create a character animation that will slow him down until he regains his balance.

This action will be reserved for locations with enough space between you and the enemy to give you time to finish the evasive animation and move away to escape or aim at the enemy skull. Note that this will be useless against certain enemies that can fire one shot at you, such as Hunters.

How to make a perfect dodge
This is the most interesting part of this new feature. Perfect dodge in Resident Evil 3 Remake works just like a regular dodge, you can use it by simply clicking on R1 – but the only difference is that you will need to play with timings to make perfect dodge.

How to evade or do evasions in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Indeed, you will have to wait until the enemy starts his attack to press the famous key. The time will start to slow down, which will give you time to change your position and take several shots in the head. A small tip: you can catch these famous perfect evasions – we managed to do 3 or 4 in a row during the most difficult sequences – especially when chasing a hero. If you see several enemies attacking you, feel free to abuse them.

However, be careful to follow the attacks of zombies and others, who started to attack you – otherwise Jill or Carlos during the evasion can be very vulnerable. This more than efficient mechanism has a great weakness, it focuses all your attention on the enemy, so be careful not to forget those behind your back and behind the scenes.

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