Some players have had problems getting out of the game. If you are looking for a solution to quit or leave the match in Valorant, this guide will answer that question.

Valorant is a new game that has achieved incredible popularity, but it is not without disappointment. Since the game is still in closed beta testing, problems can arise. Because of one of these problems, some players cannot quit the game or leave the match. But there is a simple explanation for that. And there are several ways to quit the game or leave the match in Valorant.

How do you leave the game in Valorant

To leave the game in Valorant, you usually need to select the “Leave Match” option from the game menu. However, many players report that they cannot leave the multiplayer game – it is impossible to select the menu item. When this happens, the best way out of custom games is to use the “End of Phase” option on the cheats menu.

Before going any further, there is one catch: for the cheats menu to be active, cheats must be enabled before a custom game can start. Assuming this is done, you can leave the custom game in Valorant using the “End Game Phase” option.

The end phase of the game does not technically end the game. Instead, it ends each round. But by clicking on the “End Phase” button a few times, you will quickly move on to the end of the game. Obviously, it is not as easy as just leaving the match, but it will allow you to exit the custom game much faster than you would otherwise do.

Valorant is still in beta, so there seems to be no consequences for quitting yet. In general, quitting leads to a reload – that means you have to wait until the match is over before you can play again. Once the game is played in full, there may be other penalties for quitting games, especially rankings. Keep this in mind before you start dropping out whenever you want.

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