Making your way through Raccoon City to Resident Evil 3 Remake can be challenging as you constantly work on balancing weapons, ammunition, first aid herbs and the items needed to solve puzzles and open doors.

As with most older Resident Evil games, you’ll have to carefully manage your inventory space, deciding which items to choose and which to keep. Dialed bags can help – they expand your inventory potential so you can carry more items.

This Guide has everything you need to know to find every such bag in the game and maximize your load capacity, as well as your ability to fight Nemesis.

How to expand your inventory in Resident Evil 3 Remake – all places with an upgrade to increase wearable items

City center – Electric substation

Your first bag is the easiest to get. You’ll find it in the power substation control room, it’s on the stepladder to the right of the typewriter.

Downtown is the Kite Bros railroad monument.

Be sure to collect all three jewels for the Kite Bros Railway Monument in the subway, otherwise you won’t be able to complete the puzzle and get your bag. You’ll get it after you insert the last stone.

City Center – Sewerage Security Room

Once you have assembled the battery pack in the sewer, climb the stairs next to the ramp that you rolled down first to reach the second floor. Kill the evil that will attack you, then use the Battery Pack to open the Security Room. You’ll find the thumb bag on the table.

Raccoon City Police Department – West Office.

How to expand the inventory in Resident Evil 3 Remake - all places with an upgrade to increase wearable items

You’ll need to open the safe to get this fancy case for Carlos. You’ll find it in the West Office area after you beat a bunch of zombies. The code to open the safe is the same as in Resident Evil 2 Remake, if you remember it. If not, the code is on the left 9, right 15, left 7.

Hospital – Lobby lounge.

Once you find the vaccine as Carlos, you will be tasked with protecting the hospital lobby from zombie attacks. Once it’s over, look for the thumb bag on the back of the recently opened breaker room.

The hospital underground vault is a safe.

The last sack you get is another one for free. It appears in your way when you leave the hospital to enter the underground vault. Look for it next to the typewriter in the room before you enter the warehouse and start looking for fuses to restore power.

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