I will start with the fact that you can duck not only the boss, but also any opponent in the game. To do that, you just need to press the corresponding key (if you play on the console, it’s R1, and if you play on the PC – the Space key). So, you need to press the button exactly before any enemy will attack: the zombie must be close to the heroin, but not through the dibs, and Nemesis must start the attack. If you dodge it a little earlier or a little later, you will definitely get damage.

How easier it is to dodge enemies
In order to make evasion much easier, you can buy the S.T.A.R.S. Battle Guide in the game store. Put this manual in your inventory to increase the time span to perfect somersault. In fact, this item simply increases the time you can press the evasive key and Jill will jump from the enemy. It’s not expensive: you’ll only need to complete a few simple achievements to buy it. In any case, even if you have a guide, you need practice.

How to defeat Nemesis of the third form on Nightmare and above…
At the most difficult levels of difficulty, you are likely to have no difficulty in passing. Even the penultimate battle with a giant creature, the second form of Nemesis, won’t seem so hard (with the coins we’ll talk about below).

So, all the gaming items that you can buy in the bonus store will not help you defeat the last, third form of Nemesis. Even a battle guide will only make your fate a little easier. To defeat your boss, you need to practice and remember the order of his attacks. You’ll have to do it, because without dodging, Jill will die on the second strike.

How to go through Nightmare and Hell…
Bonus items
As I said, in the game store you can find a lot of useful items that will not waste ammunition on the right and left. The same goes for the first aid kit. For the more challenging modes, you’ll need them the most:

Creation Guide: This manual will help you build more ammunition and grenades out of powder and explosives.
Battle manual: We’ve already covered it, there’s no point in repeating it.
Dropped Bag: As the number of bags in Nightmare or Hell has been reduced to two, you should definitely buy two of these items. They will appear right after the stage with Mikhail Viktor.
Attack coins: Two coins in Jill’s inventory will provide critical damage to almost all mobs in the game. And if you use a gun from the original game, the chance to kill your opponent with one or more shots will increase several times.
Coins of Defense: An indispensable thing when passing through difficult modes, because without them Jill can die from a single bite of a dead man. And this is no joke.
Restoration Coins: Great for passing the game on the difficulties of “Hell”, because there are very limited first aid kit. If you get damage, and the first-aid kit will not be, but you will find the chest, you can restore your health with these coins.

What to take with you to the final battle

Actually, you need some:

A ‘Glock-18’ automatic gun that you can pick up at the hospital after Jill wakes up. If you have two attack coins, you’ll kill bubbles in one, and rarely in two cuts.
Samurai Blade gun – only useful when you’re out of ammo in your first weapon.
A lot of therapeutic mixtures and sprays. This is necessary in order to “stuff your hand” in the battle, because at a high level of complexity of any mistake can cost lives, and as a result of wasted time.

Full list of Nemesis attacks of the third form

First, Nemesis hits the ground with two hands, then makes one blow towards the heroine. Stand back and focus on the final blow. When he swings, press the dodge.
The boss pulls out one of his hands and swings it across the width of the hall, then repeats with the other hand. You have to wait for his paw to be near Jill and press dodge.
Right after that, Nemesis makes a sharp blow to Jill. If you don’t perform the dodge, you’re likely to die, as that strike will be followed by two more quick ones. This series of blows should do you some good: after the perfect evasion, activate the sight, so that the game itself will point the camera at the weak spot of the enemy.
If a monster’s right paw hangs over you, don’t be too quick to dodge it! Nemesis will only hit her in a few seconds.

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