You can get married in Mount & Blade II. In this section “How to get married in Mount & Blade II” Bannerlord will provide you with a very detailed step-by-step guide on how exactly this process happens in the game so that you can rule your new kingdom together with your wife or husband.

Step one, find a husband or wife.

This is one of the most time-consuming parts of the process. You need to find the right person to get married. Fortunately, the standards in the world of Mount & Blade are pretty low, so the only aspect that you have to worry about is that they’re single?

You have to go to a castle or a big city. Then you have to ask to see the room of the lords. You don’t have to go inside, just ask to talk to someone. This will show all current residents at the top of the screen. Select a suitable representative of the opposite sex (I have no idea if there are same-sex marriages in the game) and right-click.

This will cause people to enter your encyclopedia. Scroll down to the Family section. Here you will see if they are already married. If they’re already married, there’s no way to marry them. Or look somewhere else, or perhaps go to their daughter or son.

Start tending.

Once you find the right spouse, the hard work begins. You must win their hearts. There are different parts of the process, each of which can fail and lead to another potential opportunity. However, if you have too many dialogue or query options, the person will refuse your advances and you will return to step 1 of your marriage plan.

When you talk to this person, tell them that you have something to discuss, and then select “I want to declare myself as your most ardent admirer”. She or he will tell you that you must spend some time together to make a decision about marriage. Get out of the castle and save the game. Go back and select “Okay. I am happy to be able to spend some time together”.

Now you have a mini game in the dialogs, and that’s why we saved it a minute ago. It is based on your social statistics and random odds. Just strive for the highest yellow arrow for success and we hope that you will manage. If not, reboot the safes and try again. Once you’re successful, go out and save the game. Then you need to spend time, 1-2 game days, and talk to her (him) again.

Legal process 🙂

Before you can finally get married, you must get permission from the señor. This can be a confusing and time-consuming process, depending on luck. Talk to your future spouse about cohabitation, they will answer with a few words and a blue name.

Right-click on the name and it will trigger an encyclopedia entry. The upper right corner will say “Last seen in XX”. Click on the name of the place, and then trace it.

Now it’s just a matter of tracking the target. It can be easy, it can be a huge pain. Once you’ve tracked the target, talk to them and select “I want to discuss the final terms of my marriage with the ‘marriage name'”. This will lead to the barter screen.

There are many options, but since I usually swim in money, I just pay the Dinars.

Add things to the exchange window until the gift icon turns green, which shows that you have enough money to pay for your marriage.

Once you do, you’re a family man now. If you want to take your half with you, go back to where your wife or husband is and click on their portrait. You can take them to the party, and they’ll travel with you like a regular companion.

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