As in previous parts of the series, in Serious Sam 4 players can find several secret bosses. In this tutorial we will tell you more about how to find them, and what you can get for killing them.

Below you will find a description of the secret bosses in each chapter. If some chapters are missing at the moment, we will update the material as soon as we find such enemies.

  1. Death from heaven
    Secret boss “Bull”
    When you go to the city and meet the first enemy grenade launcher, you can find a secret boss. You may notice that the location is quite large, but you just need to destroy several enemies and enter the gate on the right. Do not be in a hurry to do this.

Having dealt with the enemies, look at the left side of the location. Here you will also see a locked grid, above which instead of the red and green bulb is a picture of a bull. Shoot at it several times so that the secret boss appears.

  1. four horsemen of the Apocalypse
    From where you installed the first beacon, you need to go left, then turn right. Here you will see a small pedestal, behind which there is an arch with several columns.

The secret boss of “Big Pyron!
Enter the arch. On the right and left shelves you will see bullets and first-aid kits. Pick them up. The arch will be closed by the bars, and opposite you will see shooting enemies. Kill them, then pick up the supplies again. Repeat the action until there are many enemies, and they will not appear inside the arch, and around the pedestal. Get rid of them to call Big Pyrone. This boss literally spam the cores, so it is better to shoot him from behind the columns. As a reward for killing the boss you will get some useful gadgets.


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