It turns out that the disappearance of Madame Nazar’s badge from your card is not a mistake! It’s really a feature: you have to look for it yourself every day or rely on a community to find it and tell everyone where it is.

Player’s question: “A traveling trader has disappeared from my Red Dead Online map. How do I find it?

The answer to Rockstar’s support: “Traveling merchant, Madame Nazar, travels on the map every day. Players will need to find it in the game world. Players will be able to hear the music coming from the gramophone in her wagon while she is nearby. If players move towards the source of music, its location will be marked on the map. She moves with all her stuff to a new location every day. If players want to interact with it, they will have to look for it again.

If a player has collected all the items from Madame Nazar’s week-long collection but is unable to find her in the world of the play, then he has the ability to send her the items found through the post office.

Madame Nazar’s location for November 25th:

How to find Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online

For example. This week, Madame Nazar asks collectors to get a set of archer’s items

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