Dreams is leaving Early Access this week, and if you are interested in knowing how to find new levels in Dreams, in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know to find levels created by other players or your friends.

Since early access to Dreams in Steam, players have created over a hundred levels for the game. If your friends have a game too, you can play what they did. So you can find certain people and their levels, we’ve compiled this guide to help you figure it out.

How to find new levels and friends in Dreams.

How to look for new levels and friends in Dreams

Once you get to the Dream Surfing section where it’s not a creation but a game, you need to select the search option at the top of the screen to find other players.

Select the search field and enter the name of the creator you want to find. You can either use the names of the creators you found after you passed the levels and enjoy them, or you can ask your friends to enter their username and enter it.

Alternatively, if you are already friends with the creator on PS4, you can choose the “Friends” tab under the search box which will display the list for you to view.

How to find new levels and friends in Dreams.

Then, once you click on them to go to their profile, you can click the Imp and + icon in the upper right corner of the screen to follow them to see all their creations, or you can click on Creations at the bottom right to see all their levels.

In short, search for creators and find friends in Dreams.

Go to the Dreams section in the game.

Select the search at the top and find his or her username. You can also select the Friends tab to see PSN friends and their profiles.

Then in their profile you can see all their creations or subscribe to them.

This is all you need to know about how to find level creators and friends in Dreams. Read more about Dreams in our game guides.

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