This guide will help you get the maximum score for each order in the game PC Building Simulator

Before you get acquainted with the basic tips on passing, I would like to highlight the most important advice: always take into account the client’s requirements specification, as in the end, receiving an assessment for the work done affects this. The PC you have collected should be fully (or at least for the most part) in line with what the client wants.

Tips for passing the PC Building Simulator
If you have received a statement of work, but still do not fully understand what to replace in the first place, here are a few tips to help you understand the problem:

In the terms of reference the client writes that the PC smells like burnt-out wiring and the PC doesn’t turn on – you should replace the Power Supply or the Motherboard.
The client asks to assemble the PC in the shortest possible time – do not delay with the assembly (mostly such clients wait up to three days maximum).
If the TOR says that the PC started to slow down, or your mother went to some site and after that the PC is “stupid” – just put the computer to check with antivirus.
The internal components of the PC are clogged or dusty – use compressed air to clean the PC.
If the client tried to upgrade the computer on their own, and it doesn’t turn on after that, or the “bars are very fragile” – replace the RAM.

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