DOOM Eternal finally comes out after months of waiting and even rescheduling. DOOM Eternal has turned out to be more violent against the rest of the series, including a huge number of weapons, including those already familiar to fans, such as the BFG 9000. In this guide you will find out where you can find this gun.

How to get the BFG 9000 in DOOM Eternal – where you can get the legendary weapon.

If you’re out of topic, we’ll tell you what the BFG 9000 is and why everyone loves it. BFG is a huge laser weapon, which becomes more powerful every time you kill one enemy. The main problem with the gun is that its ammunition will be rare for you, but this is compensated by its power.

Below you will find DOOM Eternal spoilers.

Where to find a BFG 9000.

You will get a BFG 9000 as you go through the game, so you won’t miss it for sure – it’s part of the story. Of course, it won’t happen at the beginning.

About halfway through the game, you’ll go to Mars to meet the boss. To get to your goal, you’ll have to make a hole in the planet, reaching the core.

That’s where we will meet the BFG 9000, which is usually used to destroy demons, but this time we will need it to destroy the whole planet.

How to get a BFG 9000 in DOOM Eternal - where can I get a legendary weapon?

Don’t worry, because right after this epic scene the protagonist will get the classic BFG 9000 from the base of a huge cannon, which is familiar to all players. Now you can use it at any time, but do it wisely and sparingly.

After all, it is a DOOM, where there is a huge variety of weapons, so you are unlikely to stop at the BFG 9000 alone.

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