In The Division 2, the Ghost Mask is a unique cosmetic item that is given away for killing secret mini-bosses called Hunters. These opponents hide in different locations and are only shown to players if they have performed certain actions to summon them. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to summon the Hunter from whom a ghost mask falls out.

Useful notes:

This Hunter appears at any time.
If you didn’t manage to kill the mini-boss, you can summon him on the next game night and try again.
Hunters are quite difficult to kill on their own. So ask a friend or NPC for help. Your character must also have at least level 30.

Getting a ghost mask

Complete the mission “Quarantine in the lab of DC-62.”
To be able to call the Hunter into battle, the first thing you need to do is to perform a side mission “Quarantine at the lab of DC-62” in the area of East Mall. Complete this secondary building and return to the Mausoleum building where this quest took place.

How to get a ghost mask in The Division 2

Shoot at the Mausoleum windows to summon the Hunter.

Stand on the north side of the building and look at it. You will see a series of open windows surrounded by a yellow ripped tarp on all sides. Stand on the broken truck in front of the building and start shooting at the windows marked with the numbers in the screenshot below.

Here are some tips for solving this puzzle:

Shoot at the bottom of the windows, not the top ones.
Start shooting from left to right, hitting windows numbered 1 through 13.
Spend only one bullet per window (we recommend using a pistol).
After you shoot at all the windows, a Hunter will appear on the location and you will need to defeat him. After dealing with the opponent, take a ghost mask. This is a cosmetic object, which affects only the appearance of the hero.

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