Xen = money, the local currency in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, and in this guide we will tell you how quickly you can get or earn a lot of money.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot immerses you right in the world of cult anime series, allowing you to survive its battles and explore these lush green hills that you always see. When you walk, you will need some money to buy healing items, food and anything you want. That’s why we made up this guide.

How fast can you get money (xen) in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot ?

Xen is mainly used to buy healing items that can be used during a battle, although you can also buy food from a grocer, food from a cook or materials store to build vehicles and the like.

There is basically one way to get money in Kakarot, selling things. So, let’s look at a few of your options now.

Here are the items that you can sell to make money in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot:

Sell stock materials, like dinosaur horns.

The main way to make money is to sell Exchange Materials, items that you get from hunting animals and dinosaurs. Go to any of the stores to sell something, and find items with the animal’s skull icon in their inventory. They are only used to sell and make money.

Sell the material parts

Like gifts, you can sell the material parts that you will find in the world if you have a surplus. Again, you will use them to build machines and upgrade them, so keep that in mind.

Sell gifts to make some money.

Gifts can be obtained by following the basic history, subtests or by finding them in the world. However, they are also used to raise your soul emblem, so be careful when selling them.

Now go and spend all that hard-earned money. If you need more, just make time and go hunting.

That’s all you need to know about how to make money fast (Xen) in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

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