After the release of a new Moonshiner update for Red Dead Online, a unique Navy revolver was added to the game. This weapon can be purchased from the gunsmith for $275. Quite a large amount of money. Therefore, we recommend that you find the exclusive version of the revolver, which is called Lowry revolver. This way you will get an excellent gun, and completely free of charge.

Note: You will need a Rockstar Social Club account to which Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V must be tied.

Find and kill the Los Angeles maniac at GTA Online

As we mentioned earlier, you will need to go through a certain event at Grand Theft Auto Online to get this weapon free of charge. It is a question of finding and killing a terrible maniac, terrorizing Los Santos. To find all the evidence, we advise you to use our detailed guide.

How to get a Lowry Navy revolver in Red Dead Online

After killing a maniac, perform a small test in the game, related to the killing of at least 50 characters or players from the Navy revolver. Now you can login to Red Dead Online. However, make sure that this game is in the same account as GTA Online.

Where to find Lowry’s revolver at Red Dead Online

Once you’re in the game, go straight to Valentine. Then get out of town and follow the westbound path. Get to the ruined hut that can be found south of the letter “A” in the word “Valentine” on your global map. If you’ve found a serial killer in a solo campaign before, you’ll know the place right away.

How to get a Lowry Navy revolver in Red Dead Online

Go to the ruined hut and go down to the basement, which will be open. Inside the cellar, enter the next room and you will see a table with a box on it. Open it to pick up Lowry’s revolver.

How to get a Lowry Navy revolver in Red Dead Online

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