How to get a map of herbs in Shenmue 3. Guide and tips on how to get through

One way to make a lot of money in Shenmue 3 is to collect herbs. But finding herbs can be very difficult, so we have compiled this guide and tips to help you find a map of herbs in Shenmue 3.

How to get a map of herbs in Shenmue 3

Money in Shenmue 3 can be difficult and you can waste it quickly. As long as you can cut firewood in the Tao shop, you can sell it sets of herbs.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a map of herbs in Shenmue 3.

Head to the village of Bailu and go to the Tao Shop at the Green Bridge.

At the entrance to the shop look to the right of the door at the podium with the maps on it.

Enter Zoom mode by holding down L2, then press X to take the cards. Make sure you take them both.

To use the cards, open your inventory with R1, then select them. They will show you the map and each red dot is grass.

After you have collected a few herbs, you have several options. As we have already mentioned, you can sell them at the Tao shop to get a small profit.

However, you can also use your inventory in the Book Exchange section. If you collect the right sets of herbs, you can exchange them for new skill books that will give you powerful new combat moves.

Under the exchange option, you can see which herbs you will need.

This should be all you need to know about how to get an herbal map in Shenmue 3.

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