Recently in Call of Duty: Warzone there is a new item – red key card, which allows you to unlock the bunker and get valuable booty. We tell you in detail about how to get it.

The last update appeared on May 19. Since that moment Infinity Ward allowed the participants of the royal battle to open different bunkers scattered on the map. Earlier all of them were blocked, the players could not open them. Fortunately, you can now access any of the bunkers and you will need a red key card to do so.

While participating in the Battle of the King, you will find the legendary boxes. Open them to find the red key card. These boxes are marked with a red-orange glow. Unfortunately, these objects are extremely rare. Besides, it’s not a fact that there will be a key card in the found box. Therefore, it remains to rely on the will of chance.

Otherwise, there are no other ways to get this object, and therefore – and get into the bunker.

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