Traveling on Savage Planet has many secrets for you. Many of them are collectibles such as Javelin Fuel Sources, Alien Tablets, or simply the ability to detect any enemy and plant life that can be scanned. However, there is one thing that you would miss, and it is the secret of the game (joke). Today we will tell you about how to get the secret ending in Journey to the Savage Planet.

How to get a secret ending in Journey to the Savage Planet

The reason why you may not notice the end of the secret ending in “Journey to the Savage Planet” is because you need to perform several scientific experiments to improve your researcher rating. We will soon have an Explorer Rank mini tutorial to help you with this part.

After that you will need to update the gadget to make your research easier. This is done in order to get at least five Javelin fuel sources.

You may think that you should go further and beat the boss now. Well, no, not really. In fact, the only way to get a secret ending is to leave the planet before you defeat the final boss Teratomo.

Restart Javelin as soon as you get at least five fuel sources – and without defeating Teratomo – and you’ll have a short movie with Kindred Aerospace boss Martin Tweed, who scolds you for not finishing your work. This is ridiculous. Don’t worry, you can still upload your savings after your credits run out or when you sink them.

In case you’ve already beaten Teratomo and don’t want to have to worry about restarting with a new save, you can just watch this ending here:

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