In The Division 2 Wild Wolverine is a new high-end weapon added to the game along with a recent update. It is an excellent assault rifle, which has a unique talent that allows it to deal huge damage from close range.

Thanks to this, it can well be called one of the best weapons in the game at the moment. So it’s no wonder that many people want this rifle. However, it is not easy to do that, so we decided to publish a detailed guide on how to beat it out.

How to get Wild Wolverine’s blueprints

This assault rifle cannot be obtained at random or found in a specific location. The only way to get it is to do field research. The drawings for its Kraft are a reward for completing the fourth stage of Firewall research.

Stage One
Go to the operations base and start field research to get started on the first set of targets. You’ll need to set fire to 10 enemies, kill 10 Scorchers and defeat 20 opponents at a distance of less than 7 metres.

How to get a Wild Wolverine rifle in The Division 2 guide

The only job you can do right here is to kill arsonists. We’re talking about guys with flamethrowers with red gas cylinders on their thighs. You’ll find them early on the Roosevelt Island mission.

Phase two.
You need to defeat Fire on Roosevelt Island after destroying its fuel tank. You need to choose a mission option without intrusions. This enemy is one of the first bosses, so make sure you didn’t kill him before the fuel tank exploded.

How to get a Wild Wolverine rifle in The Division 2 guide

Then you must neutralize 3 named enemies affected by the negative status effect. You must apply at least 2 status effects to one enemy before killing them, and then repeat this technique 3 times. Finally, you must complete the Manning National Zoo mission against the Outcasts, which is also performed without invasion.

Third step
In the third stage you will have to kill Bloodhound at the Central Bank after applying the bleeding effect to it. He is the last boss, so it will take you a lot of time to complete this task. You will also have to kill elite enemies as long as there are status effects on them.

Next you will have to kill enemies while your character is on fire. Roosevelt Island is a good choice for achieving this goal thanks to its arsonists. The next step involves killing named enemies with an auxiliary weapon – simply pull out your gun when the suppositories aren’t in good health and kill them with it. The last step requires you to complete the mission “Space Research Center” against the True Sons, that is, pass it without invasion.

Step four.
He’s the one who’ll let you open the Wild Wolverine blueprints. Your first task is to kill Fatty at the Potomac Conference Center after destroying his ammunition. He’s the last boss, and an ammunition bag hangs from his belt on his left thigh. Then you need to start killing in close combat with a ballistic shield.

How to get a Wild Wolverine rifle in The Division 2 guide

Then salute your burning opponents before you kill them. Perhaps you should focus on your enemies with armor so they don’t burn before you can show them the right emotion. The next step is to kill your named enemies with skills. At the end, you must complete the mission “DARPA Lab” at the Pentagon at a high level of complexity (or higher).

Now you finally get the drawing of the assault rifle. Next, head to the operations center and use the workbench to create Wild Wolverine.

Characteristics of Wild Wolverine

Like any other named weapon in The Division 2, this assault rifle has unique talents, which are typical for this type of weapon. It has the following advantages:

Perfectly close contact: Killing a target at a distance of up to 10 meters increases weapon damage by 50%. The effect lasts 10 seconds.
Unlike the new exotic Chameleon, Wild Wolverine is really worth it. The unique perk that it possesses is quite powerful and allows you to destroy any enemy at its maximum potential. We also recommend that you modify its Allegro to increase its speed by 10%.

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