Tired of being a weak shark eating small fish in Maneater? You want more blood, bosses, access to new locations? Learn how to make a shark an adult!

Becoming a teenager in Maneater is easy. It happens fast. But it will take a lot longer for the shark to become an adult, but you will get great bonuses and improvements. You will also be able to destroy the gate, which is subject only to adults. They lead to new areas, where you will discover more collectible items, which in turn will unlock new mutations and options for evolution.

In short, all you have to do is swing to level 10. The shark level can be limited to your current region. Outside of the story missions you get a minimum of experience points, so it is unlikely that you can pump to level 10 until you reach the Gold Coast. If you are already there, you will be able to pump up to level 10 and move to the growing up stage. But if you’re stuck on Dead Horses Lake, but you already have level 10, make sure you go to Gold Coast.

Once you do this, an icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. It lets you go to an adult. You can’t do this on the open sea. You have to go back to any grotto! Outside the battle, select any grotto on the world map and quickly move there. You don’t have to swim by hand.

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