Improved hoes in Summer in Mara will collect much more resources. We’ll tell you how to do it below.

Go through the story tasks until you’re on Calisa. There will be many different characters and shops where you can buy seeds and other products. Focus on Koa’s assignments, the old lady from the lighthouse. To get her to agree to talk to you, convince her to help the rest of the island.

The old lady will ask to find her Yaya flower, which is at her grave, on her home island, near a fuel source. Before you can take the flower, talk to Caleb at Calisa dock. He’s the one who will teach you the recipe for an improved hoe. You probably already have carrots, and there are several salad areas on Calisa. If you don’t harvest these plants, Caleb will give you seeds to grow the right vegetables from. When you bring him 2 carrots and 3 salads, you’ll know the recipe for an improved hoe. For its production you need 5 units of wood and 5 units of metal.

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