How to Get Barbarian Armour in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Barbarian armor is one of the most sought-after item in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s a powerful armor set that enhances your attack power which can make battling enemies a lot easier. To obtain this armor set though, players must go through certain steps and complete some challenges. Here’s how to get Barbarian Armour in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

Step 1: Unlocking Lomei Labyrinth Island
To begin your journey towards obtaining the Barbarian Armor, you need to find and unlock Lomei Labyrinth Island near the northeast region on your map (the Akkala region).

Step 2: Locating The Three Hidden Shrines
Once you have unlocked this island, you then need to locate three hidden shrines – Dila Maag Shrine, Joloo Nah Shrine and Rinu Honika Shrine.

Step 3: Completing The Challenges at Each Shrine
Each shrine will present a different challenge that must be overcome in order for it to be completed:
• Dila Maag Shrine – Players must navigate through a series of weapons racks using Magnesis
• Joloo Nah Shrine – Players must use Stasis on three spinning plates so they align properly
• Rinu Honika Shrine – Players alternatively snowball fight off several Frost Pebblits
Upon completion of each challenge at all three shrines, players are awarded with either an ancient orb or an orb which they take back to their pedestal located nearby.

Step 4: Talking With Oman Au
Once all three orbs have been placed into their respective pedestals found close by each shrine respectively; go forward where Oma Au awaits greet him.

Step 5: Obtaining The Armor Set
As you talk with Oman Au he rewards Link with his well-deserved treasure – the Barbarian Armor set! Congratulations!

In Conclusion,
Remember that unlocking the (Lomei labyrinth) required taking care of fire enemies- Lynels, so it’s essential that you have some powerful weapons and gear ready to take them on. If you prepare well for these encounters, obtaining the Barbarian Armor won’t be difficult. Good Luck!

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