Water is a valuable resource in Earth, and there are many ways to get it. In this survival guide to Grounded we will tell you about all the ways to get drinking water from Grounded.

Although the training section will guide you through the process, it is not detailed enough to explain each method of getting drinking water.

All ways to get drinking water in Grounded

The water tanks will be your main source of drinking water in Grounded. There are many water bottles around the yard.

However, when you first enter the water, you will not be able to see anything inside. But come back later and you will see the Drewdrops inside the water jar.

Water cans

Water cans have water drops that can be used as drinking water. At first you may not see anything inside, but on a later visit you will see drops of dew. Enter and interact with the dew drops to fill the water bottle.

Juice boxes

Juice boxes are another excellent source of drinking water in Earth. Juice boxes and other similar liquid containers usually have dew drops under them. It is always a good idea to look under these boxes for dew drops to collect water.

Drops of honey and nectar.

Honey and nectar drops are your third water source in Earth. Mining dew and nectar honey drops is worth your time, as they not only quench your thirst, but also give you a small rush of health.

Use Dew Collectors

If you look at the tip of the weed, you can see drops of dew right on the edge. As you progress in the game you can pull the dewdrop pickers out of the net and throw them into the dew drops to knock down the water. This is much better than chopping the grass.

It may be tempting to drink dirty, dirty water lying on the ground, but that’s not what you should do unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Drinking dirty water can reduce your thirst, but at the expense of some health. This is almost all you need to know about drinking water and how to get it in Grounded.

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