In Destiny 2, the Alpine dash is a unique exotic technique added to the game along with the release of the “Dawn” season. To get it, you will need to perform a special task related to cooking different sweets and giving them to different characters. If you’re having difficulty completing this mission, check out our guide.

Note: You will be able to start this quest after completing the first “Dawn” stage for Eva Levante.

Getting exotic technique Alpine leapfrog

How to make dark chocolate particles
Recipe for dark chocolate particles: obsessive oil + taste of weightlessness + 15 dawn essences

This gift can be prepared by combining several ingredients with each other. To get the possessed oil, defeat several possessed ones. To get a taste of weightlessness, kill your enemies with empty damage. The essences of dawn can be gained by performing various tasks and activities such as raids or patrols.

Prepare dark chocolate particles in Eva 2.0’s festive oven when you’ve extracted all the right materials. Then take them to the Wanderer in the wing of the Tower.

How to prepare fractal rolls

Recipe for fractal roulette: milk of Vex + a pinch of light + 15 essences of dawn

To collect these ingredients, you should kill enough Vexes (milk falls out) and collect the Light Spheres from which light pinches are created. As soon as you have all the materials you need, connect them to each other using the holiday oven. Then deliver fractal rolls to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse of Mercury.

How to Get Exotic Alpine Technique Drive in Destiny 2

How to bake 50 presents

The goal is relatively simple. All you have to do is bake a total of 50 gifts. You will complete this task as you go through the Dawn season. Of course, it will take you a lot of time, but if you have completed the quest for “Dawn Tale”, you should already have at least 12 prepared gifts.

Once you’ve completed all the above tasks, you’ll receive a message to return to Ava’s Tower. Talk to her to get the exotic “Alpine Drive” technique. She has the following perks:

Standard engine.
Custom engine
Shunting engines
Dawn Parade
It also has a “Standard Shader” modifier, which allows you to restore the standard color.

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