From August 25 to September 4, the long-awaited preview of the new MMORPG from Amazon – New World.

This test will allow the largest group of players.
Invitations will come in waves. Please refer to the invitation waves below and see the qualifications for each group of players.

If in short and without water, this preview of 100% event will immediately get everyone who pre-ordered the game on the Amazon site or bought a pre-order in style.
That is, if you bought or will buy any New World Steam pre-order package right now, you will be able to play this preview of the Event. Even if you buy a pre-order on the last day of the test, you can play on this preview.

Further, if you participated in the alpha tests of the game you also have a good chance to get the key to Preview Event. Check your mail, perhaps you have already sent the key, or will be sent during the mailing (from 25 to 29 August).

If you do not own a pre-order game and did not participate in alpha tests, but applied for alpha tests before July 9 – you also have a chance to get into the 5 waves of mailing.


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