There are many resources in Immortals Fenyx Rising that can be assembled, some of which are easier to get than others. Haron coins in Immortals Fenyx Rising are very important, but getting them requires some effort. In this guide you will learn how to get many Haron coins and what they are for.

For starters, Haron coins are used to improve your skills and divine powers, which makes them very important.

How to get many Haron coins in Immortals Fenyx Rising
To get them, you will need to perform myth tests. These are tests that you can find in different places across the map to test your abilities with one of your mythical abilities. Others may require you to track down certain places, such as the harp trials, or win a simple race.

Finding myth challenges is actually quite simple. They will automatically stand out on your map icon when you get close enough, and you can also use your long-range vision ability to find them.

To use long-range vision, click on the right stick for a second or two. Then scan the surrounding area. When your controller starts to vibrate and you hear a quiet buzzing sound, you will almost find something. Scan the surrounding area with the grid and you will find a hidden secret. Press the suggestion button to open them.

It can be anything from chests or resources to hidden myths. Once they are discovered, they will be marked on the map and you can visit them at your leisure. For each completed myth test, you will get a different number of Haron coins depending on the difficulty.

To use Haron coins to improve your abilities, you need to be in the Hall of the Gods. Interact with the vase to open the improvement menu, and you can choose to improve your skills or Divine abilities. Read our other Immortals Fenyx Rising guides as well:

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