In Animal Crossing New Horizons you’ll definitely need a huge amount of money, as even the money trees will demand it. In this guide, we’ll tell you about an exploit that will allow you to make money quickly and easily.

Video guide:

Animal Crossing New Horizons – how to make money quickly and easily.

Once again we warn that this is an exploit, which means that this method is considered dishonest and violates the rules of the game. To perform it, we will have to touch the settings of the console itself.

So, this method is based on the bank interest that uses the Nintendo Switch date settings. As you can see, we’ll just have to change the date on the console, so we can get some decent money.

We recommend using this method early in the game, as it’s the safest way. If you turn it around later in the game, the residents can leave your island.

The whole scheme fits into five points:

  • Put all your money in a bank account;
  • Save and exit, then change the Nintendo Switch date to the year 2000;
  • Enter the game, check your email and log out;
  • Set another year which is over 2020, for example 2050;
  • Here we go! Once you’ve logged back in, you’ll see a million in your account.

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