Fertilizers significantly improve your crop. In this guide we will tell you how to get even more fertilizer. You’ll have to study the recipe for the fertilizer. The free fertilizer, which is available from the beginning of the game and is next to the vegetable garden on your home island, will soon be over. And it’s gonna take some time before it comes back.

It takes too long for free fertiliser to appear. To get a more reliable source, you need to study the fertiliser recipe. Once you’re on Calisa, you’ll see a lot of new NPCs offering different quests. Talk to Pilly, the woman in the floral dress at Calisa Market. Her quests are not immediately available, but if you continue to help other people from the island, you will eventually unlock them. These are fairly simple tasks related to delivering things from Pilly to other people. Eventually, you’ll have to deliver a bag of fertilizer to the poor banker. When you complete the task, you will unlock the fertiliser recipe.

You will need 1 grass, 1 charcoal and 1 cork to create the fertiliser. You can buy all this on the market. Herbs are ferns that grow on different islands. Coal can be obtained by burning trees using a fire and torch. An alternative source of traffic outside the market has not yet been found. There are also several bags of fertilizer in Kalis’s garden. It’s right above the port.

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