The obsidian camouflage for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is a unique look skin, as it covers your weapons with smooth black material, which looks charming.

Each weapon has its own Obsidian black camouflage unlocking requirements, which can be found in the list below:

Assault rifle – 15 murders in 200 matches.
SMG – 15 murders in 150 matches
Shotguns – 15 murders in 150 matches.
LMG – 15 murders in 150 games.
Rifles and sniper rifles – 15 murders in 125 games.
Shield – 750 murders
Guns – 15 murders in 100 matches.
Launch missiles – destroy 100 vehicles and killings
RPG – 5 kills in the match 150 times.
Battle knife – 10 murders in the match 125 times.

Progress in Obsidian Camouflage can only be made when playing in multiplayer mode, so players with the free version of Warzone will not be able to get Obsidian Camouflage.

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