The most common way of extracting quicksilver in No Man’s Sky nowadays is to perform daily in-game tasks. They are updated once a day, so you have to wait 24 hours in real-time to get a new batch of resources. Many people think that this is the only way to get this material in the game, but fortunately, it is not.

There is another way, which although it depends on the random, but still allows you not to wait all day to get some more mercury. Why do you need it at all? The fact is that it can be used to buy a lot of useful items on the Nexus, including the Void Egg, which can help you get your own Living Ship.

A new way to extract quicksilver is through random events.

While researching star systems, sometimes a variety of random events will happen to you. You can take part in them or reject them, but they are often random events. Some such events depend on the Spectral Class of stars. If you examine stars of the same class long enough, you are very likely to come across an event.

One of these random events can lead you to an object called Stellar Ice. Shoot it to get mercury. Apparently, these events only occur in Green Spectral Class stellar systems (they will require a Theta warp reactor). Fly around these systems and you will encounter random events every 2-3 minutes. However, this phenomenon is quite rare, so it may take you 60-70 minutes to find stellar ice again.

However, you don’t have to do a targeted pharmacy. You can simply perform ship quests and from time to time discover these purple crystals in space, from which mercury falls out. The main thing is to remember to stay in outer space as long as possible.

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