Red armor in Apex Legends, has been added again and in this guide you will learn how to get red armor in Apex Legends.

How to get red armor in Apex Legends
As the name implies, Evo Armor can be upgraded. One way to do this is to do damage in firefights. Each level of armor corresponds to a different color and rarity. Each level requires a certain amount of damage to make the improvement happen.

Here are the colors from white to red, rarity, and damage requirements for all Evo armor in Apex Legends:

Gold armor requires zero damage because it can only be found as loot. It is the only armor that cannot evolve, but it makes healing items more effective.

Using Replicators
Replicators were added in Season 6 along with the crafting mechanics. Replicators are basically 3D printers that can create healing items and weapon attachments. They can also improve armor.

This is not the most efficient way to get to Red Armor in Apex Legends, but it can help if you are close to getting a new level.

Players can use crafting materials scattered around the map to gradually improve their armor. Spending 45 crafting materials will spend 100 units of damage to improve your armor. This also completely restores your armor.

This can be dangerous, however, because during this process you must remove the armor and place it in a replicator. Use this option wisely.

That’s all you need to know about how to get red armor in Apex Legends.

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