To get the S rank in the new Resident Evil remake from CAPCOM, you need to:

Simplified mode. You need to complete the game in less than 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes). Viewing the cat-scene is not taken into account. Use less than five (5) saves.
Standard mode. You need to play the game in less than 120 minutes (2 hours). Cat Scene preview does not count. Use less than five (5) saved scenes.
Hardcore. You need to pass the game in less than 105 minutes (1 hour 45 minutes). Viewing the cat-scenes is not taken into account. Use less than five (5) saveings.


To save time, go through the game several times at any level of difficulty and open as many achievements as possible. This will allow you to earn bonus points and purchase useful items in the game store.

It’s best to save up for an endless assault rifle and pistol. This way you will save a lot of time searching for ammo and will not have to worry about ammunition during the passage.

Follow only the story, not turning anywhere. Everything must be done quickly, because any delay can affect the overall game time.

Buy Coins Recovery in the game shop. This will help you abstract from the search for therapeutic items, because the health of the heroine will increase automatically.

Buy in the gaming store Coins attack. They will increase the damage, and the usual dead man will die in 2-3 shots.

Perfectly earn 62400 bonus points and buy the Rocket Unit. With it, you’ll spend no more than a minute with Nemesis every time you meet him.

Remember all combinations of passwords and item locations. This will significantly reduce the time spent on location research.

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