The improved hammer allows you to collect even more metal materials. In this guide, we will tell you how to get it.

The first improved tool you’ll get is a hoe. Then run a few quests to get another improved tool, the hammer. When you pump it to silver, you can collect much more minerals and materials. It will also be possible to cultivate more crops as the hammer is used to clean stones and debris that block some fields on your home island.

Getting an improved hammer is a long process. Follow Koa’s quest until the old lady asks you to find the sunken necklace. Once you find him, go back to the lighthouse. Koa will report that Akaji’s smith has returned to the island. Look for her in an enclosed area just below the lighthouse.

Ask Akaji to repair the necklace. She’ll need metal and clay. She’ll also give you a recipe for a silver hammer. Go back to your home island and make 5 servings of clay. You need four stones for one portion. It’s only 20 rocks.

Then you can create a silver hammer. You’ll need 2 copper bars that you can buy from Akaji. They are quite expensive, but this is the only way to get them, because only after unlocking the improved hammer will it be possible to kraft ingots.

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